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April 16, 2017 The Pantheon Times

Welcome to Episode 4 of The Pantheon Times for april 16 2017 summary*****Race- Ogres Class-Dire Lord---will talk about in episode 5 What we are playing talk about GV and the unity engine and what it might bring to pantheon. News April Newsletter is full of GOOD info ie, Crafting and Harvesting, better look into the perception system. and what we all want to hear, the schedule for the upcoming stream!!!!! **what if perception quest is bugged and it never triggers the next step?(discuss) , Pantheon’s crafting and harvesting in this internal pre-alpha is currently a very simple system. With it we can combine two or more items in a container to return a new item. Combinations use a skill associated with the materials, such as Blacksmithing for metals, Alchemy for potions, Tailoring for cloth, and so forth. It is functional, but we feel it lacks impact and depth. Gereon and his silver longsword (Find humanoid NPCs that also have a beef with Lycanthropes, beat them up, and take their stuff. Find a crafter that has a Silvered Longsword recipe and gather the needed materials (hypothetically speaking, this could be a) acquire an unmodified Longsword, b) acquire silver ingots, and c) acquire a tempering agent). As far as what professions are concerned, we're considering the following as our professions: Alchemist, Blacksmith, Woodworker, Outfitter, Provisioner, Stonemason, and Scribe. Each profession will have a specialization. Players will be limited to one profession, and one associated specialization. Fishing, Gathering, Logging, Mining, and Skinning MMO terms-DKP Dragon kill points. A fairly elaborate score-keeping system used by guilds to fairly distribute loot based on participation and contribution to the guild. GTG/rdy/g2g "good to go" and "got to go" - can be confusing when context is unclear Guild shout out - oneADsevens guild “The Divine Council” Social media End -the schedule for the upcoming stream on April 27th and May 2nd!!!

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