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March 19, 2017 The Pantheon Times

Episode 2 outline Introductions The pantheon times Episode 2 March 19th, 2017 General summary of current episode. Any new News. Pantheon now has an official wiki page ( no news about them being at pax east they prolly stayed home and worked on the game Discuss The Dark Myr Bone thoughts Belthound thoughts Cleric cloth/heavy armor MMO Term of the week. What CC & Agro means Favorite gaming food/drink Bone-Triscut treats and diet dew Belthound- Starburst reds, skittles, red bull, sour patch kids Guild plug- email us a short discription of your guild, what type of guild hard core or carebear guild size raid no raid picking flowers slaying dragons? If you are in the guild section in the pantheon forums let us know that too. Rate and review us Thanks for downloading us Bone story time End show-The Pantheon Times: It’s where you get your news

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