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March 05, 2017 The Pantheon Times

Episode 1 outline Introductions Episode 1 for March 5th 2017 News- visionary realms added new team members Robert Crane, Senior Programmer Aaron Thomas, Web Developer Jacob Williams, Web Developer Nick "Jimmayus" Reynolds, Lore Historian Discuss Skar Race Bone thoughts Belthound thoughts Rogue Class,(cohhcarnage played a rouge in live stream there is a link at the official pantheon site under media then video), where you hit does it matter? Bonus or backstabbing? MMO Term of the week. What pulling means A standard hunting strategy where a player lures a single or a group of mobs to the group so that the group can hunt from a safe area instead of hunting in areas where new mobs may spawn. Give social media info(we are on stitcher, and Google play, itunes and pocket cast.) Rate and review us We will try and put these out usually on sunday nights so you can start your week with a fresh podcast! If we happen not to stick to a schedule (which we will try) we will always post on our reddit, twitter and fb. Also go to our spot in fansites in the official forum and comment there also. End show/ next show which class/race will we talk about?

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